Remember when millet and sorghum were staple meals at the dinner table? I know you don’t, neither do I. They were standard grains in the diets of days past, which have been replaced by gourmet meals, fast food and all other types of “meals” that are now called dinner. Believe me, there are people who have popcorn and wine for dinner and call it a meal (TGIT, anyone?)


Because we have forgotten these grains (millet and sorghum) so much, and they no longer feature prominently, The African Centre for Economic Transformation and Pardee RAND Graduate School (Pardee RAND) have come up with a creative cooking competition with sorghum and millet  featured as the main ingredients. Can you cook? Do you consider yourself apt in the kitchen? Here’s your chance! 


Through their website The African Centre for Economic Transformation and Pardee RAND are calling out to all creative cooks / chefs to submit their millet / sorghum recipes by December 4th 2015, and compete in front of a panel at the Golf Course Hotel on December 11th 2015. 


Why sorghum and millet, you may wonder. Well, it’s simply to increase interest in millet and sorghum in Uganda, and I suspect, to get in touch with out roots (trust me, being a reviewer and lover of gourmet food, I would much rather forget the two grains but I find my curiosity highly piqued by what creative recipes could come out of this!) which isn’t a bad thing. If we all got crazy about the revival of the afro and natural hair trends, I’m sure we can do this. 

I’m challenging all the creative souls out there with a love for cooking to try this out, and to check out Karen’s post here on the same. You could also see the website above for more information. Who knows what could come out of this – don’t limit yourself! 


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